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Camper Van Conversion Kits

Removable Camper Van Conversion Kits are supplied by Eco Pavilions. Contact either NaviHo or Eco Pavilions to place an order.

Eco Pavilions:



Office: +44 (0)20 8123 8962

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VW Camper Van Conversion Kit Schematics
Conversion Kit Installation

The reversible camper conversion kit is designed to fit a wide range of van makes and models. We have shown it being installed on a Volkswagen T5 van as an example.


Kits are available in a number of configurations, and transforms your van into a living and sleeping area. The installation can include a range of appliances, such as a fridge and cooker, and an electronics pack can be fitted if required. Blinds, door holders and other furnishings are also available.

The installation is reversible, meaning that you can return your van back to its original configuration for normal use, and transform it back to being a camper when required.

VW Camper Van Conversion Kit Schematics
Camper Van Conversion Videos
Camper Van Conversion Photos