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NaviHo works with build partners who conform to our high standards of build quality and eco-credentials, each with their own unique style. Follow our 5 step guide below to start your journey.

Tiny House Builder
Build Partner

Our build partners provide a series of pre-designed eco structures, built using the highest quality eco-materials. 

Customise a base design, or design your structure from the ground up. You can opt to self-build or request a build-team to complete construction.

Mobile House Payment Schedule
Payment Schedule

There are a number of payment options available, ranging from discounts for upfront lump-sum deposits, to spreading payments over a series of smaller staged payments.


Payment solutions are provided to suit a wide range of circumstances and budgets.

Transport a Tiny House
Delivery Options

Structures can be delivered to a wide range of locations, from urban driveways to rural meadows, and from city waterways to wild lakes.


Structures are delivered either in kit form or pre-assembled, and set up ready for use depending on your requirements.

Preparing Land for a Prefabricated House
Site Prep

The site prep required may range from  none at all, to channelling mains services, to complete landscaping. There may also be local planning permissions to acquire.

We are also able to assist in finding suitable land and moorings.

Build Your Own House
Get Started

Having considered the previous 4 steps, now's the time to share your ideas with us.

Use the contact form to include as much detail as possible. Let us know what decisions you are leaning towards, and mention any questions you may have. We will then be able to help get you started!

1. Build Partner
Build partner
Floating Home
Eco Pavilions
  • Transportable homes

  • Floating structures

  • Stackable buildings

  • Amphibious structures

  • Home offices

  • Annexes

  • Standard designs

  • Bespoke designs

Eco Floating Homes
Find Land For a Tiny House
RightsiZED Tiny House
  • Transportable homes

  • Modular structures

  • Stackable buildings

  • Home offices

  • Annexes

  • Standard designs

2. Payment Schedule
Find Land to Build On
Upfront Payment

Significant savings can be made by cash buyers when making a single upfront payment, with delivery fees being settled separately.

Land in the UK
Staged Payments

An initial deposit is required followed by a series of staged payments spread over the build process. The final payment will be due prior to delivery, and delivery fees can be settled separately.

Tiny House Mortgage

Borrow money to complete a purchase, and repay the amount borrowed gradually through regular smaller payments over time period that suits your needs. Financing is available through lenders such as credit unions and building societies.

Find Your Credit Union - FYCU
Building Societies Association
3. Delivery Options
Self Pickup

Arrange to pick up your building, either in kit form or pre-built, from its assembly location. 


Buildings can be delivered to any UK location, either in kit form or pre-built, and transported in kit-form to any location worldwide.

Delivery +

Buildings can be delivered in kit form and constructed on site, or delivered pre-built and set up ready to use. 

Landscaping Services for Rewilding in UK
4. Site Prep

NaviHo offers site search, ground works, landscaping and site preparation services.


We owe as much of our success to rewilding surrounding land as we do to providing eco structures. Returning land to its natural state provides a thriving and self-managing ecosystem, and an attractive sanctuary for wildlife with little need for ongoing maintenance.


We are able to advise and assist with a range of land search and site preparation requirements.

5. Get Started
Contact NaviHo

Ready to get started or just need some advice?

Include as much detail as possible and we'll be in touch shortly.

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