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Buying a Tiny House
Eco Pavilions

Eco Pavilions

Crafting beautiful spaces

Eco Floating Home
Complete Solutions

With years of experience in boat building, hull construction, and mobile structures, The Eco Pavilions team have lead, designed, built and delivered a vast portfolio of projects for the worldwide market.

The Hertfordshire (UK) based company offers pre-designed eco homes, offices, studios and retreats, capable of being sited on any terrain or body of water.

Eco Pavilions provide alterations and customisations to their pre-designed models, and a complete bespoke service specialising in creating warm, light filled rooms with walls opening wide to allow a greater connection with nature.

Floating Office Eco Pavilion
Pre-Designed Buildings

Room to Manoeuvre

The most mobile design range, the Dragonfly is an ideal tiny home, guest suite, home office, Airbnb or mobile business base.

  • Typical dimensions: 8ft wide x 24ft long. 

  • Self assembly kits from £15,000.

  • Fully assembled home office or guest room from £30,000.

  • High spec office with sofa-bed, shower room & kitchen from £50,000.

  • High spec tiny home with 2 sleeping lofts, kitchen & shower room, from £75,000.

Adaptable Space

Strong, versatile and suited to any environment. The Kite is stackable to create multi level homes and businesses premises.

  • Typical dimensions: 12ft 6in wide x either 26ft long or 33ft long.

  • Self assembly kits from £20,000.

  • Fully assembled 26ft long structure from £50,000.

  • Fully assembled 33ft long one-bedroom home from  £65,000.

Beyond Limits

Launched at Grand Designs Live, the Condor is infinitely variable, expandable, stackable and relocatable.

  • Typical dimensions: 15ft 6in wide x 44ft long.

  • Fully assembled 44ft long structure from £95,000.

Amphibious Building Location
Foundation Options

A range of foundation options are available to site or anchor buildings on any terrain type, or float buildings on any body of water. Eco Pavilions specialise in placing buildings on soft ground, sand, floodplain, sand, tidal estuaries, tidal coasts, and land prone to flooding. Road legal trailer bases are available to tow buildings in a safe and legal manner.

Past Projects
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