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Living amongst nature


NaviHo helps people search for their own piece of paradise to buy or rent, and provides access to holiday-let & residential sites.

Your Own Plot
Search for Land for Tiny House

NaviHo recommends conducting initial searches for land in the UK using three key platforms.

Ask us to search for moorings and access to water on your behalf. Let us know your criteria.

Tiny House Site Preparation
Site Preparation

Every site is unique and while some sites may require no preparation at all, others may need significant work depending on your requirements. NaviHo manages services for land and water sites:

Site assessment & consultation

Connecting mains services​​ & internet

Renewable energy installations

Hydroponic farming systems

Drainage & sewerage






NaviHo Sites
Tiny House Sites_NaviHo Sites

NaviHo sites are on their way! We're creating residential and holiday-let sites for renters and buyers.

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