You demand, we supply.


You demand, we supply.

These Tiny Homes, constructed by Rightsized Ltd, are created to offer a zero-carbon, eco, responsible living solution. Tiny Houses are configurable, and can be placed on static pylons, or built on a towable road-legal trailer base. This is ideal for those who require a felxible housing solution or who want to take their house on the road.


Rightsized Tiny Houses can be used as standalone structures, or connected together to form twin-berth buildings. Bespoke configurations and larger-scale projects can be facilitated.


Rightsized Tiny Homes are produced from responsibly sourced and environmentally-friendly materials. The houses are constructed from robust timber frames and are available either as a kit-of-parts for self-assembly, or can be purchased already assembled.


These building are available for use by Private Buyers, Businesses & Corporates, Councils, NGOs and Governments. Please contact us at

Rightsized NaviHo Tiny House - multiple configurations available

Double (Joined) Units
    • On-grid - connected to the mains supplies.
    • Off-grid - powered and supplied by renewable sources.
    • Hybrid - combining the two previous formats to create a primary and backup system.
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