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Replaces 180 single-use bags throughout its life!




  • Available in 3 Different Sets
  • Set Includes 3 Zippered Pouches: Quart-Sized, Medium & Small
  • Quart Size Pouch: Has A Clear Front & Meets TSA Requirements For Air Travel
  • Medium Pouch: Great for Electronic Chargers & Cords
  • Small Pouch: Designed for Cards, Money, Cell Phone & ID
  • Keeps Essentials Organized & Within Reach
  • Machine Washable





  • Made of Durable, Woven Polyester.
  • The Quart-Size Bag Has A Clear Front Made From PEVA.




  • Quart-Sized Bag: 24cm w x 17cm h (9.5in w x 6.5in h)
  • Medium-Sized Bag: 22cm w x 11cm h (8.5in w x 4.5in h)
  • Small-Sized Bag: 17cm w x 9cm h (6.5in w x 3.5in h)





  • Quart-Sized Bag: 0.015kg (0.53 oz. / 0.033125 lbs.)
  • Medium-Sized Bag: 0.009kg (0.32 oz. / 0.02 lbs.)
  • Small-Sized Bag: 0.007kg (0.24 oz. / 0.015 lbs.)



Care Instructions


  • Wash Cold & Hand Dry.

ChicoBag Travel Zip Set of 3

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