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Make your garden the perfect place for butterflies.


Discover the best plants to attract butterflies and moths with this lavishly illustrated, remarkable new guide, and find out how your garden can be a mini nature reserve.


  • Contains stunning new photography of butterflies and gardens.
  • Lists sources of indigenous seeds, what to plant, where and when.
  • Provides easy reference and expert advice for beginners and enthusiasts.
  • Explains new techniques to encourage butterflies to come into your garden.
  • Foreword by Alan Titchmarsh, Vice President of Butterfly Conservation.


Andrew George is an artist who designs landscapes for butterflies. He writes for wildlife magazines and his butterfly habitats and meadows have featured on BBC TV. This book is an expression of his fascination with, and knowledge of, the world of butterflies.


Published in association with Butterfly Conservation - Saving butteflies, moths and their habitats.

The Butterfly Friendly Gardener

  • ISBN 978-1-899896-32-3

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