You demand, we supply.


You demand, we supply.

As with all Vlemmix trailers the customer has the option change the location of the axles, the standard location is in the middle and than 20 centimetres to the back.  Ultimately the nose weight of the trailer must be between 50 and 150 kilogram.


All Tiny house trailer come equipped with LED lights on the sides and front as standard.  The number plate and light rear section is removable to aid in construction and to allow for any variations due to customers own designs.

Vlemmix TH660 2-Axle Tiny House Trailer

  • Length: 8.3 m

    Width: 2.55 m

    Height: 0.45 m

  • Trailer Weight: 600 kg

    Payload Capactiy: 2,900 kg

    GVW = Trailer Weight + Payload Capacity = 3,500 kg

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