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Wessex Wilding - Narrow Bordered Bee Haw


Habitat creation

Wessex Wilding

Specialists in habitat creation, rewilding, wild art and landscaping, Wessex Wilding transforms land into rich, biodiverse habitats in a relatively short amount of time.

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Andrew Scott George

Andrew Scott George, head of Wessex Wilding, is a habitat creation specialist, meadow-maker, land artist and fine artist.  Working mainly in the west country, he has introduced targeted rewilding on numerous sites. Many of his projects have focussed on improving butterfly populations, whilst also encouraging birds and other wildlife. His approach to rewilding is to work with the existing landscape, improving habitat by land shaping, hedgerow management, topsoil stripping, seeding and planting.

Wild Art

Wessex Wilding has created many meadows, ponds and wetlands, woodlands and scrub areas, all with Andrew's unique artist’s eye. Working with ecologists, earth excavators, sculptors, land artists and craftspeople, Wessex Wilding produces land art, that includes mounds, maze-like areas, sculptures, follies and small dwellings. These sit perfectly in their wild spaces.  While some projects are pure habitat creation, in others, a story is woven into the fabric of the whole project – to magical effect.

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Create Your Habitat

Andrew Scott George's book, 'The Butterfly Friendly Gardener' details many of the ways in which your land, however large or small, can be utilised to help the environment.

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