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About NaviHo


Plans in motion


We take an idea and roll with it.

Buy a Tiny House
Our Community

NaviHo was founded to facilitate the purchase of environmentally-friendly homes by first-time buyers purchasing property in a seemingly impenetrable market. The scope of what we are able to offer has since grown from providing eco homes to focusing on the wider environmental issues, and includes a wider range of eco buildings, mobile homes, ground works and rewilding. Through our parent company, HM-D, we are also able to support business ventures and entrepreneurial endeavours. NaviHo brings together a community of like-minded people, looking to live life and thrive in an environmentally conscious way.

Our Company

Hall-McLean & De Watts (HM-D) Ltd is the parent company of NaviHo. HM-D invests in sustainable businesses, and partners with companies aiming to benefit people and the environment.  HM-D delivers high quality products and services that make a difference.

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