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Please use the below information for as background for any news articles or pieces of journalism. Please contact us to request additional information.

Hall-McLean & De Watts (HM-D) Ltd


NaviHo is a brand owned and operated by HM-D; a  company focused on producing products, services, processes and systems for the betterment of people and the planet. Solving socio-economic and environmental issues are at the heart of everything HM-D does, and NaviHo is no exception. NaviHo is the combination of the words "Navigable" and "Home", and was conceptualised in order to bridge the ever-increasing gap first-time buyers must navigate in order to place their first step on the housing ladder.

Director of NaviHo

Neil Hall-McLean

Neil is a director of HM-D, and the founder of NaviHo. He has an extensive background in business management and consultancy, combined with significant experience in property and development. Having spent a large portion of his career in the corporate world, Neil left to focus on more important matters, and is committed to finding solutions to problems that impact society and the environment. Neil is so passionate about the NaviHo project that he was able to build the very first prototype by hand and without any plans, because he already had a clear vision in his mind of what needed to be achieved.

Director of NaviHo

Leo De Watts

Leo is a director of HM-D, and joined the NaviHo project after being inspired by the prototype Neil was building. Leo's background is in aviation technology and business management, and while spending a number of years as a commercial airline pilot, he has also run a number of businesses and built up a property portfolio. Leo enjoys developing strategies to solve problems, and has had success in creating viral marketing and environmental awareness campaigns. Leo prefers to focus his attention on projects that solve wider issues; to help & protect people and our planet, and hence why NaviHo was the perfect fit.

Tiny House Design Ideas

Press Pack

Writing an article or looking to feature NaviHo? Our Press Pack contains relevant photos that you might need.

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