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NaviHo Landowners


Make the most of your space


Utilise your access to land or water as a NaviHo site and generate an income. There are a number of options depending on how involved you'd like to be, from landlord to site manager to active developer.

Terrain Types
Set Up a Glamping Site

There are varying terrain types that NaviHo sites can be settled upon. The eco buildings & structures used are versatile and low-impact. Our landscaping and rewilding services can transform muddy farm fields into an eco-paradise resort, both for humans and for nature.

Build On Floodplain

Tidal areas and land prone to occasional, seasonal, or regular flooding can be utilised as NaviHo sites. NaviHo places amphibious buildings & walk-ways on otherwise un-buildable plots. Our structures rise and fall with the water levels.

Floating Buildings


Rivers, lakes and open bodies of water are ideal locations for NaviHo sites. We use a number of methods to anchor floating buildings in place, and work with existing marinas & mooring providers to transform their sites into desirable eco-residences.

Your Involvement

A hands-off approach to hosting a NaviHo site. NaviHo rents land or stretches of water from landowners to provide them with a fixed, regular, passive income. NaviHo takes complete care of site management for the duration of the lease.

Site Manager​

Landowners who wish to be more involved and earn additional revenue can opt to take onboard the site management role, or appoint their own site manager. NaviHo provides site manager training and support to ensure sites are maintained to a high standard.

Site Developer​

Landowners may wish to purchase the buildings placed on their land in order to maximise their potential income.  Either NaviHo will provide site management, or landowners can adopt the role. Owning buy-to-let property can increase your earning potential. 

Site Categories

Mid-term and long-term residential sites provide a comparatively stable year-round revenue stream. Yields are more consistent and typically better protected against seasonal fluctuations.


Demand for idyllic staycation retreats and sustainable eco-holidays has risen significantly. The holiday seasons command a premium for bookings, and long weekend stays throughout the shoulder months are very popular.

Mixed Use​

NaviHo sites that combine designated residential alongside holiday-lets provide the best of both worlds - a steady revenue stream of long term lets combined with the higher rewards generated by the holiday seasonal yields.

Environmentally Friendly Farming
Eco Power

Power up your site by adding the power of nature. NaviHo works with renewable energy providers and sustainable farm solutions to benefit the planet while providing additional & diversified revenue streams.

Joint Ventures
Joint Ventures

NaviHo invests in people. We work with landowners and others to form partnerships & joint ventures. We invest by providing a mixture of eco-structures, resources and funds necessary to grow your site.

Get Started
Start A Joint Venture

Ready to get started or just need some advice?

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