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NaviHo Eco Power


The power of nature

Eco Power

NaviHo works with partners to provide renewable and sustainable energy-generation and food-production solutions.

Install Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy

To meet a variety of needs a range of renewable energy systems are available, including stationary and transportable units. Systems can be run completely off-grid or utilised as part of a hybrid system.


NaviHo partners with industry-leading experts to provide and install renewable energy solutions, including building-mounted PV panels, vehicle-mounted PV panels, solar carports, and standalone units.

Advances in our knowledge of nature and growing techniques enables food production to be conducted in a sustainable and environmentally productive way.

NaviHo partners with providers of agri-tech solutions to enable the growing of healthy and nutrient-rich food within a highly efficiency use of space, allowing for more of the surrounding natural habitat to be preserved and returned to the wild.

Hydroponic Kale
Eco Farming
Project Skyllen
Project Skyllen

Project Skyllen addresses the fundamental challenges facing communities where food and water may be scarce, employment opportunities are intermittent, incomes are low and it is difficult to take initiatives that make a genuine contribution to carbon drawdown and climate restoration.

Hydroponic Farming

By combining healthy, year-round growing practices with strategies that return carbon to the soil, the Project represents a realistic way to grow nutritious food, create worthwhile jobs and help re-energise local economies for the benefit of people, landscape and climate.

Aeroponic Farming

Project Skyllen is led by Photon Engineers Ltd, who are joined by a number of member organisations including Hall-McLean & De Watts (HM-D) Ltd. HM-D are the parent company of NaviHo, a supplier of eco housing solutions and a supporter of rewilding and environmental projects. HM-D also provide a farm to fork management & delivery system.

Hydroponic Vegetables

At the heart of the Project are modular hydroponic agri-tech solutions that can be replicated many times over, not just across the UK, but internationally and in large numbers. A pilot project in Cornwall is tuning the approach for fast deployment with aid organisations overseas such as Self-Help Africa.

Aeroponic Vegetables

The experience behind Project Skyllen has grown partly from investigations into drought mitigation options for South Africa. The strategy includes controlled growing environments, renewable energy, ultra-low water usage and the ability to grow a mixture of crops for both food and income.

Eco Farming Techniques

Education, training and the creation of micro-business opportunities are an integral part of the approach. Digital administration and management systems help food producers monitor and market their crops with minimal overheads.

Project Skyllen

Project Skyllen is in its initial phase. It is led by a growing industrial team with direct links to world class academic support via Exeter University’s Environment and Sustainability Institute, (ESI).

University of Exeter_Project Skyllen

If you would like to find out how you can be involved in Project Skyllen or simply wish to register an interest to receive future updates, please join the Project Skyllen mailing list below.

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