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The Matador Droplet keeps water in or out


  • Sealed seams and water-resistant material ensure water stays in or out.
  • Perfect for keeping wet gym clothes and bathing suits contained, or for protecting valuables from splashes and weather.
  • Note that the Droplet does not protect against submersion.

Fast access 


  • Drawstring closure makes it easy to access your contents quickly.

Easy to keep on hand 


  • When not in use, pack the Droplet into the included silicone shell.
  • The attached key ring makes it easy to keep on your keys, attached to a backpack, or wherever it’s convenient to you.



Product details 


  • 3-Litre Capacity
  • Leak resistant bag with sealed seams
  • Drawstring closure
  • Silicone droplet shell keychain carrying case
  • Stainless steel key ring






  • Volume: 3 litres
  • Weight: 15g (0.5 oz)
  • Unpacked Dimensions: 23cm x 27cm (9in x 10.5in)




  • Seam-sealed polyester bag
  • Silicone droplet shell keychain
  • Stainless steel key ring

Matador Droplet

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