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NaviHo Rewilding


Time to thrive


NaviHo rewilds land that has been stripped of its natural nutrients and biodiversity, and returns it back to a thriving and diverse ecosystem.

Planting New Trees
What is Rewilding?

Rewilding returns a variety of native wild plant species to the land, naturally increases nutrients in the soil, supports ecosystems, and returns carbon from the atmosphere back into the ground. Rewilding is a major strategy in combatting the climate crisis. Rewilding can be adopted into farming techniques to provide higher quality food, and protect crops from being destroyed by adverse weather phenomena.

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Rewilding Projects

NaviHo rewilds land as part of our core strategy. Starting with just one field we set about making the changes necessary to create a thriving habitat and wildlife haven. The site of NaviHo HQ is home to a variety of butterfly species, along with a few humans. Rewilding gave us an opportunity to show just how much our own species can benefit from reintroducing  eco-systems that provide natural and hands-free land-management.

Wessex Wilding - Narrow Bordered Bee Haw
Working with Wessex Wilding

Wessex Wilding, led by Andrew Scott George, focusses on habitat creation and rewilding combined with art and landscaping. Wessex Wilding transforms land and gardens into wildlife habitats that are both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. This is achieved by re-introducing natural ecosystems that require little-to-no human management, while providing space for human interaction and enjoyment.

Your Support

NaviHo provides eco buildings and utilises its profits for purpose by reinvesting in nature. Our efforts can be greatly accelerated with your help. There are three key ways you can support our carbon-drawdown & rewilding projects:

To be kept up-to-date of our progress join our rewilding mailing list to be informed of our rewilding news, or alternatively join the NaviHo online community to receive all of our most recent news and updates. We thank you and greatly appreciate your support.

NaviHo Rewilding Mailing List
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Rewilding Mailing List
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